Just like many of you. The school system and my family had a huge influence on the creation of my financial path.

It’s widely believed that there is one ultimate path to achieve financial security.
Get a prestigious degree, then find a job in a corporation that offers a steady salary with excellent pension plans and benefits. And keep moving up in the corporate ladder.

This path was so certain that I decided to act upon it.
I have graduated as a Microsoft System Engineer. Which allowed me to receive a job in a large corporation. I was full of excitement and ambition; So I took on many responsibilities and worked long hours to create promotion opportunities.

I got the promotions thanks to the managers who appreciated my hard work. But after a while, my work became the main priority. I paid a heavy price in my personal life.
I was busy all the time and became a stranger to my family. Being disconnected caused a lot of tension and quite a few arguments with my partner.

Luckily for me. I have a loving and supportive partner who was very tolerant of me during this time. But we both knew this could not last forever. My family is the biggest asset. so I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them, then I reorganized my priorities. I moved to a relaxed workplace where I could keep developing my career and nurturing my personal life.

The greatest growth in tough times

The global economy has changed in a short time. It forced the corporations to adjust to the new reality. As a result, people got fired, and the salaries reduced. People’s life had changed, and for some even crashed.

The job market became cruel and demanding. When I was gathering with my friends, I discovered we had the same struggles. We worked harder, and many more hours for a salary that does not match the level of effort. It made us exhausted mentally and physically. We were wondering how long we can live under this pressuring routine.
We wanted to create financial freedom instead of being dependent on the paycheck. But we were too scared to do something about it.

The safe plan we all were following wasn’t delivering anymore. I lost my confidence and started questioning everything I know and everything I did so far. That was an uncomfortable and scary phase. But this is the best that happened to me.

I didn’t want to wait for retirement to start living a good life. And It’s a waste of life to keep living in uncertainty and fear. I knew I had to find a new financial solution to take control of my life. So I started to consume new information from every resource I could put my hands-on. I discovered that with the right financial education and mindset, it possible to create financial freedom in every market condition without being independent on a job.

These days my family and I are working together to create financial freedom. And this time, we take different approaches that haven’t taught in the educational system.

How we can help you ?

We convinced that everyone is able to control their financial reality. But to do this, it is necessary to adopt new financial habits and invest in the best financial literacy.

Our mission is to lead step by step towards your financial freedom. And eliminate the fear and the confusion which stopped you from starting your financial education.

  • Your learning progress will be an enjoyable and focused experience.
  • You will receive the best tools that would lead you to financial freedom.
  • We will present the best teachers and mentors from different fields and the best educational books and inspiring content.

To gain great results, we also need to communicate with people who share the same goals and values. We want to create a fantastic community so we all can share our progress and support each other.