CASHFLOW Investments 101

” The best investment you can make, is an INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF, the more you LEARN, the more you EARN “

– Warren Buffett

You finished to read the book “rich dad, poor dad,” and you are exiting to start your investment.

But are you still hesitating or scared to take action?

Because your family members keep saying it’s too dangerous to invest and friends who warn you can lose all your money. Warnings of your family and friends are real.

Why so many people lose their money in investing?

Most people lose their money because they focused on searching for shortcuts to be rich. Due to a lack of proper knowledge and preparation, people use their money like gamblers. They invest in wrong financial vehicles at the wrong economic cycle, or they invest all their savings in companies stock or buy real estate property that never paid off.

Some people give their money to financial advisors or stockbrokers, who are the product of the same old and irrelevant financial education.

They would tell you to diversify in your investments – “don’t put all eggs in the same basket,” your home is your biggest asset, buy bigger house fir tax break.

Many of these “experts” get paid just from their paycheck or sales commissions. Very few of them built their wealth from investments.”Never take investment advice from someone who has to work for a living.” Taleb

Instead of trusting the government, financial experts, or other external forces. Invest in your education, build solid financial foundations, and learn everything you can about the desired investment, always be prepared. “Everyone has the ability to build a financial ark to survive and flourish in the future. But you must invest time in your financial education to build an ark with a solid foundation.” Robert Kiyosaki

How to prepare and learn to invest your money properly?

Learning the financial fundamentals it’s a great start, but it is not enough. In your childhood, you received a theoretical explanation on how to ride the bike, but you learned to ride when you got on the bike and started pedaling. And that is the purpose of Cash Flow 101. You will implement and practice all the financial principles you have learned.

Keep increasing your financial IQ by playing Cash Flow 101 board game.

Cash Flow 101 game is innovative and transcends monopoly because it stimulates the vicious cycle of the majority of the population, the rat race.

The uniqueness of the game is its teaching the skills of accounting and investing needed for real-life to escape from the rat race to fast track.

For who Cashflow 101 game board is suitable?

Cash Flow 101 is incredibly fun, educating, and suitable for everyone.

  • For fourteen years old teenagers.
  • For people who just introduced to the financial world.
  • For people who have an academic degree in management and economics.
  • For businesses who want to embed the game to educate their employees.

You would be surprised by how much value it can provide for every person.

A little taste of the Skills you will learn:

  • You acquire accounting skills by reading and managing financial statements.
  • You will learn to distinguish between a real asset to a liability.
  • You will develop investing skills, so you be able to distinguish between good and bad invesment’s.
  • You will learn how to use debt in your favor.
  • You will learn more about yourself, about your approach to money, you can test different strategies till you find the one that you most comfortable with.

And so much more…

I have no investment experience at all. What if I will make a lot of mistakes and fail?

Cash flow 101 is the training ground that allows you to make as many mistakes and experiments as possible.

That would maximize your experience and skills so you be confident and make the right decision in real life.

It’s recommended playing Cash Flow 101as much as possible to gain strong financial skills.

Each time you play, you will learn something new.

The more you play Cash Flow 101, the more you get closer to financial freedom.

Its also recommended playing the game with family members, and join to cash flow clubs to meet and play with like-minded friends.

So you will learn new ideas and teach others.

Are you too young to play Cash Flow 101?
Do you have young family members?

CASHFLOW for KIDS Board Game is the perfect investment for the financial future of your children. It is an excellent opportunity to show your kids that financial is fun and exciting. Plan together financial strategies that will serve them from the early stages of life.

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