No.1 Rich Dad Poor Dad

The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is the first item in our top list for the following reasons.

Firstly, the main purpose of the book is to teach about the mindset that creates wealth. Building the right mindset is the most important starting point. Because It has the power to create massive success or failure. without a doubt, it’s the strongest tool that human owns.

Secondly, Robert Kiyosaki explaining ideas as simple as possible. Therefore the book was written in simple language, including diagrams. So that everyone, from all kinds of educational backgrounds, can understand financial concepts.

Thirdly, Rich Dad Poor Dad has been on the New York Times bestseller and sold over 32 million copies. The book is exceptional because it teaches revolutionary principles of wealth creation that passes only in wealthy families. That book inspired so many people to take control of their financial reality. so we believe it will be a valuable investment for your time.

Lessons learned in this book

  • The mindest of wealthy people versus poor people.
  • The real meaning and purpose of money and how wealthy people manage their money.
  • Difference between liability and assets.
  • What is the income statement and balance sheet and how they connected.

Do you have kids?

Robert Kiyosaki published the Comics book: “Rich Dad’s Escape from the Rat Race: How To Become A Rich Kid By Following Rich Dad’s Advice“. Because he believes that financial education should be taught from a young age. So that people could build their wealth and be ready for changes in the future in the early stages of their lives

Through an engaging story and colorful images, the book teaches youngsters the principles of rich dad; How to create assets, and how to make your money work for you.

So it’s your opportunity to make the perfect investment for yourself and your children. Invest your time in reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, educate your kids with “How To Become A Rich Kid By Following Rich Dad’s Advice“, and your children will be forever grateful.

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